Pitman Arms Auto Pars for Automobile

Atek World Pitman Arms

The Pitman arm is a steering component in an automobile or truck. As a linkage attached to the steering box sector shaft and acts as a lever, it converts the angular motion of the sector shaft into the linear motion needed to steer the wheels.


The Pitman Arm, also called steering arm, links the steering box at the bottom of the steering wheel shaft to the track rod which is attached at the other end to the idler arm. When the steering wheel is turned left or right, a worm gear at the bottom of the steering shaft turns a set of teeth. That action moves a gear that activates the Pitman Arm, causing the steering linkage to move the wheels.


Both the idler arm and the Pitman Arm are used on vehicles with conventional suspension systems and parallelogram steering. Rear-wheel-drive vehicles and most light trucks are the vehicles on which this suspension system and parallelogram steering are used. The Pitman arm is the main player whereas the idler arm is a pivoting support for the steering linkage


A properly functioning pitman arm precisely directs the movement of all the other steering links, limiting wheel wobble on bumpy surfaces, allowing full wheel turning radius and helps to reduce steering wheel vibration.


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